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HOLY F*@#! Anita Brake saved my life.

5 star rating Molly F. from Hamilton, ON.

I got the severe weather car kit as a gift from my parents thinking I would never need it until I got stuck in some deep snow on a country road. The kit had everything I needed in order to get myself out. Who knows how long I would have been stuck.


I'm just doing my job, ma'am.   **tips wig, walks off into the sunset**

I feel safe and prepared for anything.

5 star rating Ashley V. from Toronto, ON.

I have the car kit in the backseat and so far I haven't needed it...YET! You never know what will happen. I also followed some of the DIY to maintain my car.
I love you Anita Brake!


Thank You.   **stares deeply and awkwardly in your eyes**
Learn useful tips for maintaining your vehicle.